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Our pastors are true shepherds. They care for the people, they are attainable when you need to speak to them, you personally matter to them.  They know us by name, they know our families, and above all, they pray for us daily.  We are blessed to call them Pastor. (1).jpg

Kenneth & Waunell Goff

Sr. Pastor

Sr. Pastor Kenneth Goff is a native Georgian. He is a well-respected business man within the community, a former chemistry teacher and law student. He has a love for all things history, the country, Valdosta and of course, Jesus. Sister Waunell is a registered nurse. 

Randy & Amy Nichols

Assistant Pastor

Assistant Pastor Randy Nichols is a native Floridian. The son of a commerical fisherma. He is

a talented musician and an accomplished singer/songwriter, with the heart of an evangelist.  Randy and his wife Amy came to Valdosta after

10 years full-time on the road as Appointed2.

Amy is a published author, singer/songwriter, and speaker.

Steven and Rhonda.jpg

Artie & Kay Rinberger

Community Care    Sunday School 

Wesley Brown

Food Bank

Steven & Rhonda Lucas

Sound Engineer       Women's Ministry

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