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A little information about us. We call ourselves The Pentecostals of Valdosta, though our legal name is First Pentecostal Church, we think it describes who we are as a body.  We are passionate about our church, our people, and our community.

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We are reaching beyond the boundaries of color, ethnicity, and race. We are breaking down walls, destroying the barriers and ideologies that separate us by simply loving on others the way we desire to be loved on ourselves.


To be the heartbeat of Valdosta. The center, the hub, the place where life is found and healing begins. The place where love outweighs everything else and imperfect people find they are perfectly created for the purpose they were born to do.



We are a family. A community. We work together, we play together, and we support one another in all the trials of life. We celebrate with one another in moments of victory and joy. This is the place where you know and are known by the people around you.

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